Dystopic Tech Watch is a space to have dialogue and put technology under a critical lens. Discussions are framed through art and media.

So you sit around watching Black Mirror?

Yes, and no. We sit around crying, laughing, eating popcorn and pierogi pizza, creating space for "how crazy is that?" conversations.

Occasionally, we do workshops and co-creating events at the intersection of policy, technology and art.

On another level, our agenda is to create an educational/community-making blueprint on How to Have Fun While Preparing for Apocalypse

Right now, "Responsible AI," "Algorithmic Accountability," and "data ethics" have become huge topics in tech and policy.

We focus on immersive real and speculative works that capture the impacts of technology, which can be otherwise difficult to grasp at an experiential level (either because the possibilities are still unknown or the system too abstract).

We feel that it is especially to introduce these conversations as a part of Carnegie Mellon University.

Dystopic Watch

Black Mirror, Screening Surveillance, Dust, Afrofuturism and more - screenings of sci-fi followed by discussion and candy. We always welcome new sci-fi suggestions.

Dystopic Read

Works on algorithmic accountability and speculative fiction. Usually during Spring/Winter/Summer breaks.

Dystopic Do

Hybrid events that can't be explained easily. Come and be surprised!

The Dystopic Team

Annie Julian