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The Heinz Journal consists of a policy journal, a radio show, a policy discussion forum, and online policy columns.

Policy Journal: The Heinz Journal is a graduate student conceived and student-run publication dedicated to publishing works that link critical and theoretical analysis, and policy implementation.

Radio Show: Policy that Matters is a radio show created and hosted by the staff of the Heinz Journal. The show features commentary on current public policy issues and interviews with global policy leaders.

 Forum: The Forum partners up with other student clubs at Carnegie Mellon to host informal student-led discussion on topical current events.

 Online Columns: A mix of opinion, politics, and policy, Heinz Voices is where you can find columnists talking about the issues of the day as only a Heinz student can.  Smart, thoughtful commentary,interesting policy ideas, and perhaps a soupcon of the quantitative chops that Heinz College loves.