MENA Policy Club


About Us

Purpose: To establish a group where students from the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) Region to discuss and propose solutions to domestic and foreign policies affection the MENA Region.

Goals: to educate ourselves and others on the issues about the region and how to help solve these issues domestically and internationally. In addition to increase a sense of community for the MENA students by practicing inclusive cultural practices such as language, the arts and food while linking it to the politicization of MENA culture.


1. Create a safe space for our students to have open conversations about policies affecting the MENA Region.

2. Create a safe space for our MENA students to express and practice their culture and speak their languages.

3. Host speakers and events to educate our students on how domestic and foreign policies affect the MENA Region and how to ethically use our education to solve these problems.

4. Host events to increase cultural literacy which in turn increases policy literacy in the region.

5. Work with the MENA community in Pittsburgh