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"The Heinz Politics and Policy Club is a non-partisan professional and social club intended to provide a forum in which graduate students can learn about, discuss, and consider current political events, issues, and ideas.”

ANYONE, but in particular those:
  • Who want to learn more about government and politics
  • Who have worked in (or would like to work in) government and politics
  • Who wish they had a better understanding of some of the current issues of the day
  • Who can (or would like to be able to) explain the difference between political parties
The Politics and Policy Club is open to Heinz students and partners from any background, political affiliation, or interest level, and will focus primarily (though not exclusively) on politics and government in the United States. With foreign policy issues being an important element of the US political environment, there will be opportunities to learn about and consider political situations, systems of government, and current events in and from every corner of the world.

The Club will take advantage of alumni, professors, and local officials for speaking engagements, roundtable discussions, and increased career research. It will also inform students about politically-related activities across the university.

  • Invite speakers from political/governmental spheres to address topics of interest to Heinz students. Speakers will be drawn primarily from Heinz/CMU alumni, local Pittsburgh officials and practitioners, and university faculty.
  • Sponsor gatherings for significant political occasions such as election nights, debates, state-of-the-union addresses, etc.
  • Trivia nights
  • Roundtable discussions on a particular topic for students to hear, debate, and think out loud about various topics in a mutually-respectful and non-partisan environment
  • Voter registration efforts during election years